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Release of Liability Form

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I understand that participation in classes, events, and trip activities could involve risk of physical injury, illness, death or property loss, and despite safety precautions, Home Grown Homeschoolers, Inc. cannot guarantee safety thereof, as all risks cannot be prevented. Home Grown Homeschoolers, Inc., does not provide health and accident insurance for trip participants, and I understand that any medical expenses, property loss, or other personal expenditures that result during or from classes, travel/trips, are to be borne by the student/participant, or by their parent or guardian (if student/participant is a minor). I also hereby consent, give authorization to, and release from liability; trip leaders to secure any emergency medical treatment in event I am unable to, and I agree to be responsible for the costs thereof.
I further acknowledge that if I drive my own vehicle, or am a passenger in another’s private vehicle in connection with any trips/functions, that Home Grown Homeschoolers, Inc. does not cover that private vehicle. I also understand that Home Grown Homeschoolers, Inc. cannot be responsible for assuring the safety and reliability of such private transportation or driver, and I therefore accept the risks and responsibilities associated with such private vehicle travel and activities.

I understand HGH is not responsible for damages caused by myself, family and or minors under my care at any location we are holding space. I accept all responsibilities and release HGH from all claims, suits and demands fiancial or otherwise

In consideration of the opportunity afforded, with full knowledge and acceptance of the risks associated with any trips, classes, events, and any recreational activities noted within; and with full understanding of the above issues/conditions and risks, I hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless Home Grown Homeschoolers, Inc., its officers and volunteers, from all form and manner of risks inherent in, and from all claims, suits and demands of any nature arising from participation in all co-op classes, trips, events, or activities.

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