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Thanks for considering joining Home Grown Homeschoolers Inc.  Co-op meets Mondays from 10-2:30 pm in the Cypress, Tx   We are parent-involved (We are NOT a dropoff). Children are grouped by age, starting from 8 years old (Younger siblings are accomodated). We have weekly field trips outside of co-op times, generally on Wednesdays or Fridays during the school day.  Please apply if you are wanting to participate in our Co-ops, Field Trips and Events.

We are currently accepting new applications on a first come first serve bases.  This application will take you through several steps to be considered for our homeschool group. Please take your time and complete the application. Your application will not be approved without the following: Completion of Application and;

1) Registration Forms

2) Identity Verification (Must upload a valid driver's license for all participating parents/guardians)

3) Code of Conduct Policy

4) Liability Form.  Please fill one out for all family members and then press submit. 

5) COVID-19 Liability Waiver. This one form covers your entire family. 

6) Schedule your membership interview (new and renewing/current members) schedule by emailing admin @ [email protected]

New Member Orientation will be scheduled accordingly prior to start.

7) Complete and send in your background check (If both parents or a guardian will attend co-op and events, both/all need to complete) 

8) Once approved, you will need to pay the fee of $125 per family to be officially accepted into the group. This fee does not change even if you register after the registration period and is non-refundable. Click here if page doesn't take you to the link

9) Order field trip t-shirts (required) for $25.  Send the amount needed and sizes to [email protected] 

10.) If you are needing assistance on your journey and would like a consult please schedule an appointment via link below and click the "Schedule a Consultation" link on home page of our website.

*You may not participate in any co-ops, events or field trips untill all steps are completed.*


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Payment Instructions

Please note that the family registration fee of $125 is non-refundable once you are approved for the group. The registration fee is the same even if registering after the registration period/mid-semester.  By submitting this form you agree that you have filled it out truthfully and understand that forging false information is grounds for immediate dismissal from the group without refund.

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